The Adventures of Tom Wayfinder

The Wild and Crazy Adventures of Tom Wayfinder
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This Year Martin will be Storytelling and Story-making for the whole family. Mums, dads, teenagers, juniors and infants 5 and above. Bring the whole gang – there’s plenty for adults to enjoy! 

Tom Wayfinder is looking for a place to call home and has travelled the wide world to find it. Always short of cash he’s had to take a variety of daring and dangerous jobs to pay his way.

He’s been thrown overboard in the Pacific Ocean, rescued by a Mermaid, fought with the Kraken of the Deep, climbed a Mexican Volcano and run for his life from the Aztec Lord of the Sun before joining an expedition to the Artic and getting eaten by a Polar Bear (almost).
Martin can be booked for schools or festivals to bring Tom’s adventures to life. To send him a message click here.

“Hairy, scary and hilarious!” Brian aged 8 and his dad from Fulford
 “I went with my gran and my grumpy teenage sister and we all had a great time!” Suzi, aged 7 from Weston Super Mare